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  • Going through the H20

    #MLMM for https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2020/03/10/photo-challenge-306 Diving into the blue waters was a lot easier until a comet decided to collide with the big blue marble now our hero is holding his breath while holding on the bladderwrack for dear life the seabirds were a little bemused by flying fish and crustaceans and a hovering pair of feet […]

  • Going Manual

    #FFFC People found it odd the cyclist ambling down the paved road on two feet Smiling as she walked on the wet paving stones and occasionally – splashing in puddles When asked why she wasn’t riding through town her answer was simple her helmet was back at the velodrome

  • tippy toes

    tippy toes

    #socs #bodyparts tippy toes toddling down stairs for a tasty treat or two ten little tippy toes taking care i don’t fall over travelling down the street ten tippy toes telling you about the warmth or coldness of terrafirma below taking socks and shoes off or putting those warm slippers on

  • Ebb and Flow

    Ebb and Flow

    #sea #seaside #waters #shells #seaweed The sea played with the man on the beach as he walked along the sand blue turning to sky blue then white to catch the sun worshipper and give him a fright But after a while the man came up to the sea in an attempt to dip his toes […]

  • Up / Down

    Up / Down

    #Socs #Up #Down I The sky and stars are yours rising to new heights where you want to go is all up to you maybe one day you’ll make it to the moon II Keeping your feet on Terra Firma – was always your best idea – sinking your feet down into nice warm sand […]

  • Stuck in the Mud

    Stuck in the Mud

    You thought it would be easy, ignoring all the hallows crossing the river as you did safe (so you thought) , in the shallows the water was cool and slow as you dipped your toes in fast but as you crossed to the the other side you found yourself aghast For the soft brown mud, […]

  • steps


    #writephoto Sailing up and down any stairwell – isn’t as easy as you think Tumbling down stairs is easily done – if you don’t look where you’re going Even the shortest of steps can make you fall, so attention needs to be made Position your feet in the right spot – and watch your acceleration […]

  • Tickle me pink

    Tickle me pink

    #CYW #Ticklemepink Ten little chubby toes in happy movement cheers and giggles of joy kept amused as they count them on their little feet excitable laughter builds

  • Restless


    #wwp #napowrimo #restless Sat on paradise island itchy feet wants to get moving the island in distance seems a much nicer one

  • Furry

    Salford 1st July 2020 #writeclub #monsters #poetry #kidspoetry as part of my write club challenges, i wrote a piece about a “Monster” with claws and teeth and horns – more like a caterpillar with 100 Feet! (Anyone with kids remember a Lotsa-Lotsa-Leggs ? 🙂 ) I know , you know its not halloween but i’ve […]