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  • Staying put

    Staying put

    At the top of the hill you would have thought the wind and the rain would have aided the bales into the nearby hedge but bundled as they are the bales are secure in the knowledge that until required they’ll be sticking around for a bit

  • Sensation


    #wordpressprompt #feedyoursenses Early morning rumble cars muffled by double glazing dripping of water heading for the drain saved by a silver – armored plugstop fingers frolicking in warm soapy water throwing it towards the face in play towel comes to the rescue and they all make their way down to the kitchen porcelain meets cocoa […]

  • Spooked

    Salford 14th April 2020 #Napowrimo #Covid19 #Wildlife Someone send out a message Particularly to the man in the big house Our feathered friends are not amused today – because Our nation happens to be on lockdown – and no one sent them a message Keeping the routine isn’t working – there’s nothing in the bins! […]

  • Topsy-turvy

    A piece by inky in response to the in other words prompt Upside down and Backwards Photo credit: Garak01 from Pixabay. You always wanted to be different the other birds shook their heads at Your topsy-turvy view of the world but you always raised a smile when the bottom of your seed tray appeared

  • The Race

    T They’ve waited around practicing their manoeuvres up and down the canal side mastering approaches Eyes focused for a signal and a time and a place of green Spring afternoon perfect conditions for old friends to compete against each other Superstar sportsmen can only sit and watch as gladiatorial battles take place on the terracotta […]