Places Poetry

Staying put

#photoprompt #WDYS

At the top of the hill

you would have thought

the wind and the rain

would have aided the bales

into the nearby hedge

but bundled as they are

the bales are secure

in the knowledge that

until required

they’ll be sticking around

for a bit

Food Nature


#skies #plants #vegetables

Photo by PhotoMIX Company on

While we’ve all been indoors

away from the cold and wind and the rain

in the ground, the vegetables have been waiting

they’ve waited in the farmers field, for the harvest sun

in expectation it’ll be a little bit more warmer – when they rise

next thing they’ll know – they’ll be accompanying the sunday roast

getting a warm bath and served up wi butter


The Gate

#napowrimo #paperswans #prompt #gate

A paperswans picture prompt for napowrimo

perplexed people pondered

what point the gate

when the sheep were enjoying

every square bit of green beyond the stone wall

was it to keep the sheep out

or was it to keep the humans in ?

Acrostic Animals


#writephoto #newborns

She waits in the pen with great trepidation

her aunties waiting for her cousins to arrive

expectations a plenty, for lots of young uns to

engage with, keeping close to mum at the mo but

playing with them all in the pasture, when the time is right

Poetry Space

North of the farm

#Promptuarium #Aliens #farm

Mr and Mrs Giles

were bemused to say the least

when their arable field became home

to an enormous beast

Two visitors from mars

knocked on their door

and sheepishly sent

their eyes to the floor

“we’re sorry we landed, in your field Mr Giles

but there wasn’t a place for Daisy for miles

Our cow she’s quite big with eighteen legs

And she wanted a spot to lay her eggs”

So the farmer he went with his alien friends

and saw poor old daisy sat on her end

around her , and dotted around her legs

very large sized, massive, brown and white eggs

“There’s enough in this egg for one thousand teas”

and the aliens said they could have as much as they pleased

so long as the rest, could be picked up and stored

they could use that egg as a thank you reward

So the daisy slept in a barn for the night

and the aliens and the farmer , to avoid others fright

fixed up the spaceship – while everyone was asleep

even the prize ram who would gambol and leap

just before daybreak, in the air they would fly

towards their home in the far off sky

and farmer giles was more happy than pleased

as he started to sell cakes, buns and teas

Animals Character Humour Poetry writing

On the farm

#Poetry #Farm #Animals

Another poem from yours truly using the Salt & Pepper Fonts

Acrostic Animals Poetry


#Farm #Cows #Sheep #Fruit #Picnic

Colours Poetry

Piggy Pink

#CYW #Piggypink

Pink Piggy Cakes

Pink piggies like the ones in the farm

on a plate with instant charm

really tasty with their marshmallow noses

krafty icing with a number of poses

perhaps you’d be worried – about poor mr pig

in fact – when i tell you – you might do a jig

news is – i can tell you – that no pigs come to harm

king of his field – is still sat in the farm

Animals Poetry


Goats taking over llandudno (print by inky from original photo by A.Stuart)

Salford (Via Llandudno) , 31st March 2020

A tale of Goats in the welsh town of Llandudno, written by inky,

inspired by an ITV News article :

The Goats are taking over

and they’re heading into town

they’re happy to play, no-one to chase them away

for their shepherd’s gone to ground

The cars have abandoned the tarmac

so they’re running down the road

chomping on box wood and flowers

in their new abode

The goats are taking over

whilst the people are indoors

they’re coming down from the mountains

the pastures and the moors

The humans are all in their houses

so the goats have left hills for their tea

munching on grasses and heather around

as happy as can be on the ground



#inotherwords #discovery

What a thing to find!

expensive trinket lost in the hay

by the farmers daughter

shenanigans afoot

from last nights barn dance ?