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  • Castle in the Air

    Castle in the Air

    #WDYS He’d climbed that hill for many days till he decided to stop at a misty spot ahead a crafted house with spires and towers and follies the occupants? off and away on their jollies had he found heaven? hard to say but for a while he’ll rest here have a picnic and play

  • Endurance


    #napowrimo It wasn’t the walk through wintery woods that bothered this hardened explorer or the westerly wind knocking on the wooden window frame or the wait for his dinner to be cooked on his camping gas stove It was more the length of time spent dunking his oaty ships biscuits in his tea before the […]

  • Return

    #writephoto #return He had to come back He’d completed his journey Hopping over sands and hills and dales He enjoyed the vast open planes of the grand canyon and Hot desert plains of the sahara However, something was calling him back, so he hiked across the hills from the local airport, where at home , […]

  • Degree

    Degree As the honour was laid on him the ennobled made a request could the hall staff keep the dining room warm ? he thought that it was best see he’d climbed up great Mount Everest without even catching a chill but drafty University corridors were enough to make him hold still turn up  the […]

  • Hide and Seek

    Hide and Seek An Allpoetry  piece by yours truly – about little green men from mars (sic) They called him “Curiosity” and sent him off to Mars to dig up samples of possible life and collect them up in jars. He had a bumpy landing, from his journey from far off earth but once he’d […]