Food Poetry

Icing on the cake


It was a strange day

a red letter day

that came out of the blue

when nearly everything i’d planned

went right for a change

Good news on the television

Sunshine in the skies

phone calls from an old pal

to give a happy


And while events out of my hands

came back with fortune mixed

I found the days problems, mostly fixed

and all before the pigeons headed home at nightbreak

I celebrated with a nice bit of iced chocolate cake!


The treasure room

#socs #where

the possessions have spouted legs again

they were secure in your hold

the other day

but that was before

you were jiving away

happy as anything – to the latest swing

your bag keeping tight – all your bling

but being ignored – they walked from the scene

and having spotted the loss – you turned green

but do not fear – wipe away those tears

after you left thru door – cleaners took the floor

finding things – in the post-event gloom

and storing them all in a very strong room



With each new morning, and an opening of curtains

Is a brand new picture for your eyes to view

Note the trees and the flowers and

Doves and pigeons in the sky above

Of course, this isn’t a painting – it’s real life

While you are watching out of your window

Something else is taking place, right here, right now


What’s Awesome?

#Fowc #Awesome

Salford 4th June 2019

If this reads a bit like a list – It’s not supposed to be!

Rainbow list of all my stuff that makes my life awesome!

Things I’ve done, Places I’ve seen

Being a cog as part of a much larger machine

Taking up writing as self – therapy

Helping out run some great events for free

Colourful Image of Imperial war museum in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester
Imperial war museum , Greater Manchester (with a splash of colour)

Greeting students at the museum door

Laying down tiles of a competition floor

Greek acropolis, Rhodes
Artwork of Greek Acropolis, Rhodes

Rising to heights of an ancient scene

Keeping a log of the places I’ve been

Home Life Poetry Transport

Early Morning

Salford 23rd August 2018

Squeaky doors

are better clarion calls

than any alarm clock

on the market


Slumbered silence

broken by a cistern

attracts you to the noise

of the nearby main road


Luna’s departure

allows Ra to announce

“The morning is here!

it’s time to get up”


And motorised monsters

or kings of the road

make their way delivering boxes

either side of the tarmac


Solitary Swallow

converses with the neighbours

on a nearby roof –

tweets the news – no laptop required


The rumble of early morning traffic

cascading through the windows

is followed by the crack of an egg

falling into sizzling bacon fat


Kettle whistles through the concrete

up through the bedroom floor

your first cup of the day is ready

milk and two sugars ?



BASIC Concentration Memory Poetry


Salford, Tuesday 15th May

Since my last episode with my IV shunt, I’ve become more appreciative of what makes a memory

the smell of cooking of an apple pie in the oven

the sound of my favourite music 🎶 on the wireless

the feel of my iwm fleece, that I wear when volunteering

All these things meet up in the information store in my brain where those clever little neutrons in my head store them for future reference in this vast library 📚 of learning.   There’s two other sections of this library, one holds a giant encyclopaedia of facts……the semantic section, whilst the other contains a multimedia extravaganza, full of music, pictures, film, tv and photographs

now since my shunt was revised, there’s been a bit of a mess in the semantic section, and it’s sister branch the episodic section….which holds memories of events and such.  It’s not that I’ve completely forgotten about certain things, I just have to go back a few pages to remind myself of things

photographs help.  Show me a photo of a place I’d been at and I’d be able to tell you the who the where and when the photo was taken.  It’s probably the reason I’ve taken an interest in using a digital camera, for a visual cue usually triggers a memory of an event

and of course there’s the memory aids – Those colourful notebooks full of my random thoughts and scribbles.  Now i’ve set myself up on wordpress i’ll occasionally share the ramblings of what i’ve picked up in the day, but it always pays to go back to the source – even if it is to source out that chocolate cake recipe i picked up in cooking demos.

Memories Memory Photography

Looking through the photo album

Moments to Remember

You can pack an awful lot into forty or so years.

That Kodak Extra-chrome box camera captured an awful lot of them as I grew up in my home town.

I have the briefest of recollections of my Great Aunt, Nellie.  She was a great woman, and we visited her regularly by the park in the flats by the great tower block called Nine-acre.

During the Queen’s Jubilee in 1977 – a number of Street parties were held and she and her husband Bob, joined us in the celebration where two lines of tables went up and down the street.  Union Jacks sprayed up and down every available wall

Little blister coming onto view in 1979 – and in the early 80s eating every Daffodil in sight.

Trips out with the neighbours featured prominently when I was younger – when we all clubbed together for the coach trip to either Blackpool or Prestatyn Zoo…Walks on the beach in bare feet, sometimes it was lovely – sometimes ice cold!

(Funny how penguins are one of my favourite birds!)

Camping out with the local scout troop to places i’d thought were an eternity away – sleeping in Nissen huts at Middlewood (just down the road in Worsley) or more further afield at Bispham Hall (to the in-initiated , Not that far away, in Wigan) or Dunham Massey (Almost in another county!  Altrincham, just down the A56)

Every camp – you would see me growing up

First communion pics – only not mine this time – My little sisters

First foreign holidays with another Great Aunts – Millie – another wonderful relation of mine.  I’d also capture pics of Dad, Mum and my Uncles during this time.  Fun and games at seaside resorts and my bucket and spade.

Then there was my great achievement – graduating university – me outside the steps of the Free Trade Hall in Manchester – where I picked up my HND

Then came the volunteering exploits at Manchester’s commonwealth games…and I’ve got plenty of ‘behind the scenes’ shots of that time…together with other pics from events I volunteered at since.

Cities Memories

Singing in the Rain…

Singing in the Rain

(or alternatively : Blue Sky Thinking)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Singin’ in the Rain.”

I’m going to be honest with you all now…This prompt made me laugh.

And I mean in a good way not a bad way.

Why do I say this ? I live by allegedly the rainiest city in the UK…with the brightest of outlooks…Manchester, England.

When we went for the 2000 Olympics with a smile it was the only thing occupying the other contestants minds – the Urban Myth that it always rains in Manchester….

The attitude changed when those who mocked were facing raised temperatures in open air arenas around the county during the commonwealth games hosted two years later – the mineral water was being drunk by the gallon in above average temperatures and sun screen was brought in to dish out among the volunteers….For me I found myself in a portacabin at Heaton park in Prestwich – Manning computerised scoreboards for the Lawn Bowls contest

Firework blog

And when it did rain (Nightime) – we accepted it with a smile – the umbrella sequence of the opening ceremony was a triumph of northern humour over the weather.

What those south of the midlands forget – That Lakeland or Buxton water they drink at the sporting events in the south – has got to come from somewhere…and its nowhere from London.

So Yes – it Rains…but there’s colour in every raindrop in the sky.

Crack open the Vimto* – and Drink in the Sunshine

The rainbows are lovely with some blue sky thinking.

* Vimto is a Non-alcoholic Cordial made from Grapes, Blackberries and Raspberries – originally brewed by Nicholls and Sons in Salford – If you haven’t tried it – feel free – as their new ad states – its seriously mixed up fruit – and its fantastic!!!