What’s Awesome?

#Fowc #Awesome Salford 4th June 2019 If this reads a bit like a list – It’s not supposed to be! Things I’ve done, Places I’ve seen Being a cog as part of a much larger machine Taking up writing as self – therapy Helping out run some great events for free Greeting students at theContinue reading “What’s Awesome?”

Early Morning

Salford 23rd August 2018 Squeaky doors are better clarion calls than any alarm clock on the market   Slumbered silence broken by a cistern attracts you to the noise of the nearby main road   Luna’s departure allows Ra to announce “The morning is here! it’s time to get up”   And motorised monsters orContinue reading “Early Morning”


Salford, Tuesday 15th May Since my last episode with my IV shunt, I’ve become more appreciative of what makes a memory the smell of cooking of an apple pie in the oven the sound of my favourite music 🎶 on the wireless the feel of my iwm fleece, that I wear when volunteering All these thingsContinue reading “Memory”

Looking through the photo album

Moments to Remember You can pack an awful lot into forty or so years. That Kodak Extra-chrome box camera captured an awful lot of them as I grew up in my home town. I have the briefest of recollections of my Great Aunt, Nellie.  She was a great woman, and we visited her regularly byContinue reading “Looking through the photo album”

Singing in the Rain…

Singing in the Rain (or alternatively : Blue Sky Thinking) In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Singin’ in the Rain.” I’m going to be honest with you all now…This prompt made me laugh. And I mean in a good way not a bad way. Why do I say this ? I live by allegedly theContinue reading “Singing in the Rain…”