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Keeping time

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It was like he’d never been away.

the audience cheered and called out his name

as he beat out a familiar rhythm with his sticks

while the musicians around him followed his tune

an old pied piper watching the jazz mice dance

in the morning the writers would pour on praise

as he poured a cup of tea to go with his toasted crumpets



#writephoto #bandstand

Built in the park

a place to be entertained

new music to be played and maybe

danced to if the urge is there

sandwiches consumed by the audience as

the band play those oh so familiar tunes

a selection of favourites

new and old, to be

danced on the plaza nearby

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Enjoying the chaos


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While the storms are heading for the city walls

and the fog’s creeping in

you’re oblivious to it all,

watching visual anaesthesia on your devices of fun

walking past the chaos and destruction

enjoying the feast of fun

provided by your masters



#Fowc #Poetic

Performing Penguin

on the ice

engages with his fellow birds

the only way he can

in the art of juggling his dinner

could you call it poetry in motion ? the audience think so




Pull up a chair, take in a show

As you watch a tale, read to little ones at


There’s a range of characters

On the stage, in bright coloured attire

Making Mirth , for your entertainment

If you’re lucky – they’ll be a

Musical number or maybe magic tricks and

Everyone enjoys the antics of the panto animals

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As the acrobat flew into the air

Some held their breath

totally transfixed by the mid air cartwheels

only a single rope stopped the artiste seeing

night stars before sundown

incredible feats of daring occurred under the big top

some may have called him foolhardy, but at the end …everybody

hailed the master acrobat and his tip top tumbling act




Enter the big top, it’s time to enjoy

New things to see for the girls and boys

Trapeze experts doing stunts from up high

Expect acts of daring as they fly in the sky

Roll around laughing from the clowns in the round

Throwing their custard pies and falling to the ground

As acrobats tumble and do things with their hoops

Indispersed with the jugglers throwing balls into loops

Night time or Day – you’ll enjoy with a smile….

…..and watch all the acts, sticking round for a while

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A Glass palace has been built

on the banks of the canal

it’s not for the royals –

but its not common or banal

It’s a place where programmes will

be written and played

and where young northerners

will learn out a trade

Where Drama – of Th’ Lowry

will be played out on screen

whilst players eat at restaurants

in buildings between.

And major networks set up in old port

broadcasting most of the national sport

from old Trafford’s cricket and football in day

to far off events in places away

These building is local – built up by the skilled

trained up by academy – in City and Guild

Taken over by companies of National Aplomb

plenty more lights, camera, action to come