A post in response to the Tuesday Photo Challenge from Inky Tuesday 26th March 2019 What’s with the guitar Inky ? I thought i’d start with the musical link – an electric guitar. Clapton, May, Deacon come to mind. It’s loud but in time is methodical, and lyrical – its also the nearest thing toContinue reading “Rock”

Electric lime

#coloryourworld #cyw #electriclime 16th February 2017 Zingy little fruit, full of zest and flavor and powerful punch   perfect , placed in a jelly sparky flavours contained in a porcelain mould   Sparks of delight pop off on the tongue and your luminosity   Green for go ! your sign the party power switches are all turned on  

Tritina for Railways

Having visited the National Railway Museum in York today, I’ve been inspired to write this Tritina in honour of the railways….enjoy .   P.S. Comes with Flying Scotsman Pic!   Opposite the Flying Scotsman – Bill, Nigel and Joe     #Napowrimo #Blogging101 #Railways #York The Horses came down the country Roads Delivering by cart Black goldContinue reading “Tritina for Railways”