Tag: Dusk

  • Sun travel

    #Weather #Poetry Ra passed by his friends the clouds as the earth turned Northern skies from Day to Dusk in travelling from west to east newly formed stratus went pink in surprise by ra’s disappearance to a temperature rise out on eastern skies began the day while in northern skies moon and stars they played […]

  • Things with the Letter D

    #CFFC in response to cees photography challenge To start with, here’s a night time shot of the Holiday inn express on Salford’s Quayside, taken at Dusk by one of the Docks or as the people call them now basins 🙂 You could call this a 3D shot – as it was Dark as well ! The canal is […]

  • Through the window

    Through the Window Half past ten on a Monday Evening, and I’m looking out of the window of my bedroom-cum-writing studio. It’s quite dark outside, porch-lights flicker across the road.  They light up the cul-de-sac quite delightfully, but they cant match the LED Lamp by the electricity substation. The rumble of traffic from the nearby […]