Sport Sports


5th March 2020

#Fowc #Ceremony

The Athletes took to the track,

to a boom box anthem

dressed in the colours of their country

as cheers and lights travelled round the ground

taking to the field

masters of javelin, shot and hammer

not leaving a mark

until the start of competition

And friends and rivals share the stage

with smiles on their faces

enjoying the moment, enjoying the show

till the contest starts for real.

Fashion Poetry


#fowc #rare

Really, searching for that dress ? is

as likely as locating rocking horse doo-dah!

reality is finding that golden thread is going to be difficult

expect disappointments along the way

Fashion Poetry


#Fowc #Bargain

If it’s what you’re after

its the deal of the day

you’re keeping half the price

in your little pink purse

for getting to wear all

of that little black dress

Acrostic Clothes Poetry



For ever since we’ve been shearing sheep

lint has fallen from garments up and down the land

under wardrobes and cupboards it lies, having

floated and flown around bedroom spaces before

falling back into a usual spot – normally the back of the wardrobe

Acrostic Colours Fashion Poetry

Purple pizazz

#coloryourworld #cyw #purplepizazz




Punk princess hits the dancefloor

In a purple ensemble – to grab your eye

Zest for life – shown as she waltzes in her size nines

And the crowd watches her move around the floor

Zany hair in a neon style – watch her

Zip around the floor in a plastic dress, of the same colour

Acrostic Colours Fashion Poetry



#OutrageousOrange #Coloryourworld #cyw

Outlandish – some call it, zesty – perhaps

Unless you lack the vision for colour – you’ll definitely see it

The fashionistas , look on – a mix of intrigue , happiness and horror

Riots must have taken place in a fruit canning plant

As there’s splashes of bold bright orange all over that dress

Grabbing the eye, definitely – but would you wear it, they ask

Everyone politely claps and smiles nicely

Of course, its the outfit the critics will talk about tomorrow

Until then – the barbed comments remain in their notebooks as

Summers latest trend walks boldly down the catwalk