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The humble door…

protector against the winds and rain

coming into the house

constructed from parts of a sturdy noble tree

and secured with locks and bolts

forged from the sturdiest Iron

You can come past it if you have a key

but may have to wait a while if you haven’t

for every mans home is his castle

and he can’t hear you through the wood

if he’s working upstairs


What’s behind the door?



Stuff you stored away for a rainy day

Stuff with its own character

Stuff that’s lived a life

That thinggummy-bob

that you spent an arm and a leg

for that oh-so crucial job

now resting by a desk

a desk laiden with boxes and tins

holding chips and sprockets, nuts and bolts

an electronic graveyard

awaiting to come to life given the right battery

a place where hand held space invaders

was all the rage, and

Medium Wave played tunes and not static

on your Radio

Books lined up on a shelf gather dust,

with the arrival of an Ipad

While Childhood Friends,

Trinkets and pennants share space

in their own private zoo

in a box in the corner

beyond the door




barnard castle wall (c/o KL Caley)

Defensive walls don’t often come with Open Doors

or even a path that shouts “Come this way!”

so if you are on this bearhunt

and can’t get over the wall

and can’t get under the wall

perhaps the only way in is go through the door – in the wall

perhaps you’ll find the bear – behind the wall

sitting with his friends round a table – near the wall

but you’ll only do this by passing the door

and going through it.



It might not be what the jeweller calls “precious”

but its just as wonderful in its own way

polished up – it brings decoration to the front door

a little sophistication, and perhaps “character”

its harder than its precious friends

and although it can tarnish – its easily polished

ask any trader that comes down the street

where there’s muck, there’s brass


Hidden Secrets


What secrets are hiding

behind the pages of the library ?

if you pick up the right title

you might be surprised

As the bookshelf moves

and you find another way out


Special Delivery

#Fowc #Delivery

A Knock on the door

there’s something special

waiting for you

at the front door

Not just any missive here

it’s wrapped up in fancy paper

metallic and shiny

with one great big stamp where its gathered on its bottom

For someone special

things to draw and paint and colour

and create things with

a “Thank you” card to the sender perhaps?

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As the competition began to place

The audience and judges shivered in their space

As a young guard, who’d never done the job before

Created a draft inside on the competition floor

Now this might not be bad for contestants so bold,

But judges observing were getting a cold

Said head judge to colleagues, as he spoke to all

I think next year, it’s summer not fall

And sending out messages to stewards away from floor

I know it’s an open…but someone please…shut that door 🚪


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Cerulean (2).jpg

could it be chance or fate

every time I see this jewel of a colour

reminisences of holidays come flooding back

usually seen in the skies that met the sea

local buildings , in white were accented with it

each house with a roof door or wall in it

a perfect partner for the olive gardens set

next to the white sandy shoreline