BASIC Learning Photography

Behind the Camera Again…

Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Salford, Lancashire

5th October 2016

My Humble little Bridge Camera – Used at BASICs Camera Group

With Summer Holidays over, the BASIC Camera group met up at our base at the Brain and Injury Centre in Salford

Some of us were still away, but this allowed our brilliant tutor Maggie to discuss with those present what we were to cover in the run up to Christmas

The lessons have allowed those who attend it to use their skills and abilities, and so far we’ve created some brilliant pieces – some of which are on this blog!

Together we agreed to concentrate on Weather, Landscapes and Backgrounds – returning to other sessions when we do stuff on the computer, hence we will be concentrating on using photo software like photoshop commencing next week.

Fingers crossed – we may do something Festive in December – but I’m just looking forward to learning some new stuff on Photoshop.



BASIC Brain Memory

Memory Workshop

Today at BASICs Memory workshop, we learned about the three different kinds of memory stored in the brain.

The first, Episodic – deals with Events in a persons life – it allows you to remember peoples birthdays, sporting events and all those things to do with Dates – such as appointments to the doctor and all that other stuff

The Second, Semantic – deals in cold hard facts.  Information, Locations and so on

Finally, the third part of the brain – The procedural memory deals with all the doing parts of the brain allowing us to walk talk and breathe, as we grow it allows us to learn new skills