Salford (Via Trafford Park), 3rd September 2018   This is the place where mighty ships cargo lay resting after its journey after a long ride on the waves   Men toiled in the heat as silent shipping crates moved to the sound of the warehouse mice avoiding the company cat   Inwards and Out theContinue reading “Warehouse”

Seagulls Lament

#Promptuarium I suppose you thought that was funny ? here I am sat by the bins enjoying what could be my only meal for miles and you decide to disturb my breakfast Innocently enjoying the fish in the box then over my foot comes this big heavy rock expecting me to just fly away IContinue reading “Seagulls Lament”


Creature capable of anything, the dockside cat. running the roost over the old area of nine dock eager to grab the pickings, that hide from an expectant audience, more likely to see actors than a furry tailed family, resident by the basin usual routines the order of the day, watching the drains lining the road,Continue reading “Creature”

In the city

City A tale of the city I live in…enjoy It started as an outpost a place so far from Rome people soon put down roots and began to call it home   Waters ran from rivers to well and before the flush toilet – O what a smell! Horse and Cart instead of the carContinue reading “In the city”