Character Poetry Space

Universal Change

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Universe , painted (image by inky from an image from Google)

While the planets

Go round the Sun (our star)

and far off systems

go round their own stars

something keeps

space and time moving

The old man of space

keeps mother milky way , Andromeda

and her other brothers and sisters

turning while he watches on

There have been times

when he really wanted a change of scene

but instead – he kept going

in the same direction

So don’t be dismayed – if the stars out at night

seem out of place – and not quite right

Our dear old universe just want’s to play

It’s why all the patterns don’t look the right way

Life Poetry


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Image c/o getty images

Direct question – which way do you go ?

it’s a hard enough question for the adults – but what about the kids

round and round they go, on their own circuit of life

expect a few diversions and even u-turns along the way

career choices and ambitions change as you get older

taking turns for something you hadn’t even considered

in the end, its down to them to make a decision

of course, you can guide the way, but

navigation through life is never a straight line

Acrostic Food Life Travel


#Socs #Choices

Choices you make, can form you later on down the line

How you make them is down to you

Of course, there are many paths to travel, to where you want to go

It’s a decision you have to make…..

Cold or Hot, Coast – Countryside – or City

Even eating, can give you pause for thought

Should you have golden syrup or chocolate sauce on your pancakes ?

Acrostic Poetry

Mountain II


overcome an
undercurrent of
to achieve their
new directions

Moments of brilliance
outstanding talent
upspring from a moment
nastiness bottled
talent doesn’t need this
all great trees need
irrigating to
nurture it

Growing up Learning Life

Looking for Direction

#Napowrimo #Day27 #poetry #Life

In response to the prompt


It’s easy when you are young

Life mapped out by parents

the only decisions

Meals, Play and Telly

But then – You grow

And you get that pesky thing called “Responsibility”

What to do, Who to hang around with, Where to go

You’re stood at a crossroads

With only yourself as a guide

No Lookin’ Back – Just look straight ahead.