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  • Diversion

    #Road #Roadworks #Pavement I They turned up in the middle of the night and lifted up their paving slabs before lifting up the tarmac II Improvements to the daily journey the promises made III Signs of Improvement ? not forthcoming Big Red Signs lead away from the holes IV Short five minutes to the shopping […]

  • Nothing

    #writeclub #napowrimo #nothing A Writeclub Prompt C/o Louis Imagine a place where underfoot layer after layer there was only soot You’d dig for treasure Diamonds and Gold only to find yourself growing old for searching like crazy in apparent red mist the only thing found that seemed to persist was the movement of soot to […]

  • Urban Archaeology

    I MMXX a tie to the past using an old numerical system to tell you the year and maybe the time II On a mission to bring Modernity the diggers uncovered Tesserae made from local clay as architects called the uni and builders downed tools for the day III They found some old spearheads, made […]

  • The Dragons egg

    The Dragons egg

    A verse for any Fantasy or Harry potter fan by Inky Some workers were digging up pipes underground, when a very large coloured egg in the sand it was found. Now, the foreman of th’ site didn’t know what to do, so he called up some keepers from th’ local zoo. The egg.. it was […]

  • Canary in a Cage

    Canary in a Cage

    Salford, 16th April 2018 A tale of life down the pits – and a very clever bird They closed all the pits they say it wernt safe we were digging out the props keeping land up They said The Gas were strong and sending our mates off to dreamland forever But as well as hammer […]