Devastation 25th January 2017 They’re chopping down a field of trees in the name of education, they need the wood you see “For the pencils!” they all plea   but its not just education but houses and furniture too there’s plots of brown compacted soil where once – a lush forest grew   And passing throughContinue reading “Devastation”


Salford, 3rd January 2017 in response to the prompt Gone The streets I knew have long since gone covered up by flagstones and tarmac. Veterans of those halcyon days now sit broken tween two sets of fenceposts   Communities cast off to towering islands boxed up accommodation piled up to the sky   Old friendsContinue reading “Gone”

Is anything sacred ?

Sacred They’re tearing down temples for a flash B & B The places of worship, they think they are twee.   They’re moving the pulpits to community halls whilst taking a digger to break down brick walls   In name they call – “Progress” Its the communities loss for the one who wont replace itContinue reading “Is anything sacred ?”


In response to the prompt   Desert These sands were once a vibrant place The waters cool and clear as day Till someone thought it would be cool and treat the beach folk as complete fools They started taking things away No more could little ones play and as developers they all did cheer theContinue reading “Deserted”

Down my Street

Street I remember the land the house i live in sat on It was rugged wild and abandoned The locals called it – The croft The only sign of human existence before the docks?  The job centre.   A place for last years sofa broken tables and chairs A repository for a town kids PrivateContinue reading “Down my Street”