Tag: deserted

  • Courtyard

    #WDYS In the sunshine of the courtyard lies a deserted square quiet as a mouse there’s not a soul there they’re sitting in the offices or parading – firing their guns so the columns cast their shadows out in the noonday sun

  • Waiting for the ferry

    #wdys Something strange in these sun covered streets, there’s no one around but the locals the medicine man said stay at home so in centrally heated houses they stay away from the sun covered shores the artworks and postcards sit solitary while cafe sombreros swing in the soft summer breeze with no one to hear […]

  • Reclaimed


    #FFFC The humans moved out of this placeThey used to make things hereThings that movedThings that travelledA few returned, leaving their markAdding a spot of colourto desolate wallsMother nature spotted the empty spaceand send out a messagevia the western windSoon up in the girders,feathered builders of craft,making homes in foundationsin steels for and aft

  • Message in a bottle – 2

    Salford, 21st July 2017 Remember that piece I wrote about the message washed up in a bottle ?  I’ve given it a little thought and wrote what might have been on that rolled up paper!   Sat, as I am on this deserted isle I’m sending this message to make someone smile Being stuck on […]