Desert Sand

#CYW #Desert #Sand Drifting in over land and sea enveloping everything it passes sand from the sahara travels on the wind easily passing over land and sea resting on roofs, cars and even plants the succulents smile – they’ve seen this before Soil looking more like blackpool than old trafford as grains land on theContinue reading “Desert Sand”

Ode to a cactus

Prickle Once only found in Desert sand a gardener decided to hatch a plan developing a succelent that’s happy at home, as well as gardenment living in pots of sandy soil whilst in the heat other plants toiled this funny green plant, just grew away amusing those in the garden at play flowering in theContinue reading “Ode to a cactus”


#Coloryourworld #cyw #Tumbleweed A funny little fellow is the humble tumbleweed beginning life in the wind as a seed   Dependable in the desert Guaranteed to sweep up as it travels making cameo appearances in every good western   Home for the children, who leave when the moment comes to follow mum and dad’s footsteps inContinue reading “Tumbleweed”

Desert 🌵 Sand

#coloryourworld #cyw #Desertsand winds heading west took tiny grains of sand across to Blighty by air   the little grains of sand enjoyed their journey travelling cross the sea   visiting their cousins by the shore and playing by the grass   navigation towards country occasionally not right landing in country fields and city roadsContinue reading “Desert 🌵 Sand”


In response to the prompt   Desert These sands were once a vibrant place The waters cool and clear as day Till someone thought it would be cool and treat the beach folk as complete fools They started taking things away No more could little ones play and as developers they all did cheer theContinue reading “Deserted”