Abandoned (Derelict)

#FFFC #Abandoned #Derelict #Brokenwindows with thanks to Aron Jäger@unsplash.com for providing the Image I remember the weeks before the builders moved in the children, were now learning – in bright shiny blocks up the road in the next district whilst the old building sat – a nest for the birds and a target for vagabondsContinue reading “Abandoned (Derelict)”


Detonate Salford 29th May 2017 An acrostic for todays daily post from Inky. Dibnah, a man known for knocking down chimneys even as the foundations burned…he watched today, it’s oh so different as charges are laid out in a pattern neat in stacks and co ordinated in a way the building collapses in on itselfContinue reading “Detonate”


Salford, 3rd January 2017 in response to the prompt Gone The streets I knew have long since gone covered up by flagstones and tarmac. Veterans of those halcyon days now sit broken tween two sets of fenceposts   Communities cast off to towering islands boxed up accommodation piled up to the sky   Old friendsContinue reading “Gone”

Building site

Construct Two kids in a classroom Playing with their toys Just a normal day for the girls and boys One quietly builds a house with coloured blocks whilst the other plays with his van with silver wheels and shocks Walls they go up quickly two red, two blue of course with roof of yellow onContinue reading “Building site”