Tag: Deliveries

  • Island Fortress

    #writephoto No Man is an Island, or so they say Out in the depths of the lake, someone’s Built a structure, with gates and turrets On the shore, its difficult to tell Right now, how the owner gets his groceries Down by the bay, there’s a jetty Except for the fact – there’s no boat […]

  • The Clattering of Blinds

    #Writeclub #Blinds with a nod to Georgia @ Writeclub! They keep the sharp light out It’s why they were installed and send a message to all outside you’re not available to call But there are some nosey parkers who use these things for fun as you hear turn of the gears letting in the peek […]

  • Rumble

    #octpowrimo #pantoum An attempt at the pantoum format, for octpowrimo Monday, 28th October 2019 Who needs a wake up call As the deliveries drive In Lorries, cars, bikes … one and all Dropping parcels with a grin As deliveries drive in You can hear the wheels a moving dropping parcels with a grin As people […]