Animals Poetry


8th May 2019

#fowc #Definition #Meaning

Taken into consideration – what’s in a word

I mean – who came up with the

great idea to classify the indian pussy cat – a tiger

everybody knows he’s not your domestic tabby

reality is they cobbled together every cat – big or small – and gave them names

Learning writing



#CFFC #LetterI

We start with the title of this website for this challenge – the #inkwell composed by your host #Inkdrop


Now some of you might not have read my explanation of my pen name.  I was handed my first fountain pen at the tender age of ten.  Just before my entry into the big wide jungle known as high school.  I dabbled with the fountain pen all for five years in an attempt to improve my handwriting, positives – it kinda worked, it also got me noticed by the young ladies in the common room