Holiday time

16th November 2019 Heavens above! is it Christmas already ? Of course not….there’s five more weeks till then, but Look around you and you’ll already see Instant signs the festive season is almost here Decorations, presents and Festive Food All over the place, and yet – when Boxing Day gets here You’ll all be talkingContinue reading “Holiday time”

Post Christmas Pressies

#Christmas #Hidden #Sweets 7th January 2019 I received an extra present yesterday. I’d been wandering what dad was going on about when he mentioned an extra present at the end of Christmas time I’d enjoyed seeing the brightly coloured baubles on the Christmas tree, especially the new larger ones. They were twinkly inside. I justContinue reading “Post Christmas Pressies”


Discover I watched in awe as the lights twinkled in the glow of a winters moon   Cold air and Crisp Snow gently drift on northern greens painting the lawns white   Trees collecting snow up high in their green branches the evergreens trick   Church bells ring out – as Rainbow coloured lights shine out “A Joyful Christmas”Continue reading “Discovery”

The Garden Christmas Tree

All dressed up, and nowhere to go a tall high fern sits gathering the snow collecting white stuff from branch to root as flakes cover all things that are under foot He’s had a haircut since last year when he gave children some Christmas cheer Birds are away, having flown west So up in theContinue reading “The Garden Christmas Tree”

Its not this time of year until….

It’s Not This Time of Year Without… 1. Festive lights on Trees outside every shopping centre in sight Evidence for the defence…. This is the Entrance of the Lowry outlet mall in Salford (Look it up guys, it’s my hometown. Situated next to Manchester – who like to get developers to subvert their name onto everyContinue reading “Its not this time of year until….”

A House is not a Home

Our House This house stood with its brothers side by side an open window – letting a draft of air through This empty shell No one looked at the empty shell till one day – a little yellow car pulled up and Dad arrived He looked through past the desolate halls and saw something –Continue reading “A House is not a Home”


An Acrostic on Christmas Decorations Down from the loft stairs it comes, the family Christmas tree Every year, the same routine never fails to disappoint Children hang their favourite toy off the tree – with the aid of mum or dad Old family baubles are joined by newer items Round the Christmas tree they goContinue reading “Decorations”