#fowc #ludicrous #acrostic Looking at it now, Under the light of day, Decisions made the night before Influenced by alcohol of many kinds Could – by more sober men – seem a little foolish Raspberry pink shirt, Green jacket and Orange Trousers ? – what were you thinking ??? Unless the girl you were tryingContinue reading “Ludicrous”

Fork in the road

9th February 2019 #Travel #Journey #Poetry #Decisions You’ve travelled straight down this road for what seems like an age heading for a destination, unplanned life seems so uncomplicated following the signs in blue and passing the trees in green when all of a sudden – a yellow alert a fork in the road One wayContinue reading “Fork in the road”

It’s your choice!

Partake Life is a long branch of events and choices some shy away from making decisions whilst others grab the bull by the horns climbing the rockface or in some cases – jumping off it   So – when it comes down to it the decisions you make are yours will you dip your toesContinue reading “It’s your choice!”

Looking for Direction

#Napowrimo #Day27 #poetry #Life In response to the prompt Crossroads It’s easy when you are young Life mapped out by parents the only decisions Meals, Play and Telly But then – You grow And you get that pesky thing called “Responsibility” What to do, Who to hang around with, Where to go You’re stood atContinue reading “Looking for Direction”