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#fowc #prerogative

Picking out your own path

Really doesn’t need anyones permission

Even if you seek advice

Roads they travel down are down to you

Of course, there will be times you may

Go down the wrong route,

Reaction to that ? It’s part of the learning process

And the final decision is down to you…

There’s always another turn in the road, and

If you don’t like a particular path you can

Veer away from it if you want to

Expect a surprise or two…that’s life!

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#Socs #Choices

Choices you make, can form you later on down the line

How you make them is down to you

Of course, there are many paths to travel, to where you want to go

It’s a decision you have to make…..

Cold or Hot, Coast – Countryside – or City

Even eating, can give you pause for thought

Should you have golden syrup or chocolate sauce on your pancakes ?

Poetry Sport


Could there be any

other reason why whilst a tennis

umpire’s assistants,


themselves as judges ?

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Looking at it now,

Under the light of day,

Decisions made the night before

Influenced by alcohol of many kinds

Could – by more sober men – seem a little foolish

Raspberry pink shirt, Green jacket and

Orange Trousers ? – what were you thinking ???

Unless the girl you were trying to impress was colourblind

Seems a change of tack is needed – or a new pair of glasses

Poetry Travel

Fork in the road

9th February 2019

#Travel #Journey #Poetry #Decisions

You’ve travelled straight down this road

for what seems like an age

heading for a destination, unplanned

life seems so uncomplicated

following the signs in blue

and passing the trees in green

when all of a sudden – a yellow alert

a fork in the road

One way to the peaks , the other to Wales

Decision to be made

Blue John or Welsh Mountain Stone ?

Roast Dinner or Fish and Chips ?

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It’s your choice!


Life is a long branch of events and choices

some shy away from making decisions

whilst others grab the bull by the horns

climbing the rockface

or in some cases – jumping off it


So – when it comes down to it

the decisions you make are yours

will you dip your toes in the shark infested sea

or play russian roulette with crusty crustaceans on the beach ?

all those decisions – are down to you

Growing up Learning Life

Looking for Direction

#Napowrimo #Day27 #poetry #Life

In response to the prompt


It’s easy when you are young

Life mapped out by parents

the only decisions

Meals, Play and Telly

But then – You grow

And you get that pesky thing called “Responsibility”

What to do, Who to hang around with, Where to go

You’re stood at a crossroads

With only yourself as a guide

No Lookin’ Back – Just look straight ahead.