Dandelion II

Down in the family garden

a roaring yellow flower lives in the borders

next to the hyacinths, roses, and tulips

Don’t think this is your standard “Weed”

each one of these has their own shape and colour

liked when the mane disappears and the seed heads transform

into something more light and fluffy

on the right days these travel through the air – when

new yellow flowers begin to grow.

Nature Photography Poetry




gathered together

waiting on the western wind

dandelion seed


ready for the off

travelling on the airflow

dancing under clouds


landing in a green

settling down to sleep

new flowers take form


The son of plot a

sets root growing in plot b

as tree line grows


Character Colours Nature Poetry


#coloryourworld #cyw #Dandelion


King 👑 of the wildflower beasts

in the centre of the lawn you survey your kingdom

blades of grass bow to your yellow mane

as your family sets root across the square of green

one day, it will be time to pass your crown 👑 to another

but until then enjoy your moment in the sun ☀️

providing shade for the beetles.