Yellow A Zesty colour sign of the start of spring and summer daffodils and daisies explode with colour and marigolds make hay in the morning sun Lemon sponge sits in the oven cooking slowly for a farmhouse lunch – Vanilla custard softly turning in a copper pan as breakfast is served – a soft boiled egg withContinue reading “Yellow”


In response to the latest #Napowrimo  challenge A collection of flowers Grown with Care provides a burst of colour to anybody’s home   Creating something beautiful in form and in colour as Red Tulips meet with White Lilies and Blue crocus hide ‘tween Yellow daffodils   If looked over by a careful eye Said flowersContinue reading “Bouquet”


This poem written by me, first appeared in the forward poetry title : New Beginnings. I’ve given it a little polish and decided to share – enjoy.     Like their glass friends The humble garden bulb Has sat quietly All Winter.   It’s waited for the signs, The first melted ice The dropping snowContinue reading “Daffodils”