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  • Bank Holiday II

    #Bank #holiday #summer They’re having a whale of a time down at the local branch of your bank today basking in the glow of a beach made of pound coins and swimming in a sea of five pound notes and playing with corals of five pence stacks enjoying ice creams as the glow radiates and […]

  • Hidden message

    Hidden message

    from inkdrops repository at allpoetry.com The green dollar billContains a lesson for allWho uses or spends Hidden away silentOn its folds and its edgesShort words of caution Lessons of learningDelivered by the banksIn a hidden form Prized by the manyHoarded by the blessed fewMessage for all here The root of all evil ?Every single greenbackTells […]

  • Coin


    #fowc #coin I Currency – created from metals Out of the ground. In different shapes, sizes and colours – depending on National Border II Collected carefully Out of spending larger amounts In time – and taken in the piggybank – they’re changed for New Notes III Coppers transformed from out of the purse into something […]

  • Three coins in the Fountain

    Three coins in the Fountain

    Three Coins in the Fountain Salford, 7th June 2016 Three coins in a fountain, in a patch of green in a City in Europe Three coins – thrown in at first light of a Mediterranean Morning Three coins, shimmering under the blue water Three coins, magnified in the wet Three coins, small currency, change for […]

  • Spare Coins

    Spare Coins

    “The streets of your home city are paved with gold…”