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  • Wisdom from a Tea Cup

    #Writeclub #Tea #Brew #Drink Watch as i let off steam, as the leaves bathe and change colour…. take five as the colours in my cup swirl about, and take in the flavours from a distant land…. you can learn quite a bit from my pyramid pal. sit back in a comfy chair and ease your […]

  • Cup-a-Soup

    #fowc #instant Instant gratification noodles and vegetables swimming in a flavoursome pool tasty little number brought to life by the application of just the right amount of hot water now – don’t forget – stir it up or you’ll find there’s lumps at the bottom of your cup (you dont want that)

  • Essence


    #fowc #essence There’s something different in the chocolate wafer i enjoy with my cup of tea Just beyond the layer of chocolate its like a host of bees have been playing creating perfect hexagons in the wafers Not too sticky, and not too sweet smell passing the nose wafts of honey with each individual chomp

  • Fairies


    #Napowrimo #Photo #Cup #Coffee #tea What’s that coming out of my cup of chai ? colorful things rise and fly up and down and round about following the trail of the steam spout far into the air they fly and rise like colourful luminous butterflies captured by the camera’s eye before out of the kitchen […]

  • Broken

    Broken the elaborate jigsaw lies strewn on the floor of the coffee house jagged shards of porcelain cast out in a circular pattern across the marble floor perhaps the barista should have taken note of the temperature of the coffee machine