Beach Childhood Life Seaside Summer

Small Creatures


Stood on the shore in their finest attire

Mum dad and little un

All leaving a trail on the sand

Looking out for the funny coloured seashells

Likelyhood is they’ll find you first

Crab like creatures

red, black or white

enter the range of view

as they pop up to say hello

taking a step left and sometimes right

until at last they

reach the waters edge

expect them to take a

sly nip of your wellies as they pass you

BASIC Photography Poetry Water

Challenge 30 – No. 28


Down among the depths, taken at the Sea life centre, Old Trafford, Manchester

Deep down on the sea bed

Eager crustaceans

Play cat and mouse with

The fishermen up above them, and

Hoping they avoid the fishermans traps as they

Scurry along the sandy sea bed

Holidays Nature Poetry Seaside

The edge of the sea

Featured image

A Ten line poem written by the author whilst on a Turkish Beach.

Foam clouds hit sand – they call it the tide..
the edge of the sea, where plants reside.
Turning around from blue into white,
crisp little waves – sharp and bright.
Landing from water, its goods and its wares,
disposing the sea of its rubbish without care.
As shellfish take ‘vantage of the coolness of th’sea,
cocky crustaceans run on th’sands wi some glee.
As seawater washes on the shells in the sand,
the edge of the sea makes everything grand