#fowc #detective 18th December 2019 Do you know who did it ? Even as you look around the house for clues The person or persons behind the act are Eating the evidence! Crumbs of chocolate covered cookies Tumbled to the ground , travel In a trail – leading to some Very crafty little individuals ExpectContinue reading “Detective”

mystery ii

Salford 30th March 2019 #freedomofexpression #iscriblr #mystery a response to iscriblrs wonderful mystery challenge…enjoy. A strange thing happened the other night Under the cover of dark Something with a sweet tooth paid us a call He snook into the kitchen, without giving us a fright And sitting down at my birthday cake, he did parkContinue reading “mystery ii”


Salford 22nd September An Acrostic in response to the Daily Post…. Crumb Cakes and puddings Resolutely rounded off, their memory occasionally left Under the dining room table – a veritable feast for the domestic Mouse, guinea pig or hamster who help themselves to the Bits of topping  missed by mum or dad Look out ,Continue reading “Crumble”