Shadow V.3

#FOWC #Shadow A response by inky to Fandango’s One word challenge Sunshine’s monochrome friend Heavens Universal to animal, bird, reptile and human As the sun shines its beams – it appears on the floor Disappearing when the clouds cover it up Of course – they disappear When the sun goes behind – reappearing on aContinue reading “Shadow V.3”

Memories of a glass bottomed boat

Rhodes, 18th October 2018 Watched with intent As Mediterranean blue Mixed with Aegean aqua Travelling over waves As crabs met tentacles Admiring the land lubbers Shellfish communicate with conch The shows about to start As hermit crabs scuttle towards the bigger fish In an instant they appear Waving a fin or a tentacle In theContinue reading “Memories of a glass bottomed boat”

Keeping an eye on the clock

Keeping an eye on the clock In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Finite Creatures.” The realisation I wasn’t superman… Could have been when I was five, at my first fall in the school playground each cut knee – a badge of honour… Or later in my teenage years when some eedjit pushed meContinue reading “Keeping an eye on the clock”