#fowc #repetitive I remember in school being given a time tables square we’d sit in class and for five minutes go over the tables over and over again We’d make things from Balsa and clay and off to mum and dad we’d take them away but unlike times tables the creations were made – ourContinue reading “Repetitive”

In the Hangar

#IWM #Airfix #Duxford A poetry piece by B.F. Kirkham. There’s a bucket of wings on the table, but this ain’t no KFC You’re there with your mates at the ready and take home a plane for free You pick up the pieces as listed the fellow from museum there to help as your classmates fumbleContinue reading “In the Hangar”


#Model #Construction #Airfix #Quickbuild The formation of the squadron came with a moment Chassis and Wings coming together with a single click as planes from the past joined up with their more younger cadets on top of the bookshelves and to stop two old veterans squabbling they’ve each been given a runway to stop themContinue reading “Click”

Web II

Wiry silver threads Enlongated under hall cupboards By the stairs Weaved by a six-legged weaver Everyone admires the Beauty of their craft Wafting around in the draft of the house Every insect around knows Bristles of doom await While the spiders home hangs around Every fly prays for a Brush or feather duster When anyContinue reading “Web II”

Getting Arty

#Freedomofexpression #Art A response to the latest challenge from Iscriblrs Freedom of expression series (and yes – I will be getting arty with his one!) A pencil and paper – the start of the process Composing where the individual flowers went Encapsulating the sandstone sundial at its heart Transferred to hardened plastic And painted inContinue reading “Getting Arty”

Poppy Hospital

#Craft #Museum #Poppy #Damage IWM North, Manchester 17th November 2018 From time to Mother nature has been at the Implanted ceramics by the canalside X-tra ceramic poppies have had to be brought in Even barriers – and broken ones have to be sent to the poppy hospital Damage repaired with Slip and Glue (and moreContinue reading “Poppy Hospital”

Tale of a Pencil Case

Salford 18th March 2018 Anyone who’s read the “First Day at School” piece on here, will know how in my first year at High school – i ended up in Needlework for form. Well, during the school week that year – as well as your regular stuff from English and Maths, Geography, History and all….weContinue reading “Tale of a Pencil Case”


Knit Knights of the realm could be toppled by this – but Not my mum, or my aunties or Nanna Its where i learned some very basic steps To create a scarf for my teddy bear. To be honest, the twists and turns of loops and purls were Extremely difficult, but by the end ofContinue reading “Knitted”