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Now sat with the other beachcombers treasures

A home for the hermit crab

Until yesterday it was collecting plankton on the sea bed

Till it was hoisted up and placed carefully

In a yellow collection bucket, where it

Lived with others like it

Until the beachcomber created

Something to make his house guests smile

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If you were

Searching for an idea of paradise – this is it

Lovely long white sands surrounded by azure blue sea

As for food, fish crustaceans and coconuts a plenty

Note – looking for an alternative ?  you’ll have to go exploring on a raft – there’s

Deserted waters surrounding this place – Nothing for miles

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The edge of the sea

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A Ten line poem written by the author whilst on a Turkish Beach.

Foam clouds hit sand – they call it the tide..
the edge of the sea, where plants reside.
Turning around from blue into white,
crisp little waves – sharp and bright.
Landing from water, its goods and its wares,
disposing the sea of its rubbish without care.
As shellfish take ‘vantage of the coolness of th’sea,
cocky crustaceans run on th’sands wi some glee.
As seawater washes on the shells in the sand,
the edge of the sea makes everything grand