Midnight Blue

    Maybe its the colour of the night sky itself Its only when the sun goes to bed – does it appear Dozens , no thousands of stars peppering the dark blue Night after Night, showing planets and constellations Inky coloured skies, occasionally diffused by sodium lights below Great gods from Aries to OrionContinue reading “Midnight Blue”

Heavens Above!

A piece of found poetry – using sources from that well known typing error Mr Spike Milligna! Hope you enjoy the read   Heavens Above In time – the sodium lamps fade, like a fire out in the reaches of space up in the night sky.   A central point of fire and ice waitsContinue reading “Heavens Above!”

Favourite Constellation

Now, here’s a funny thing. I’m responding to #stellarandlunar and their question what’s my favourite constellation?   It depends what angle you’re looking at the night sky. As an old scout, the first set of stars I look for in the night sky is the plough – it looks like a barrow and once you’veContinue reading “Favourite Constellation”

Another trip to Neverland…

With me visiting hospital recently this poem brought back some memories! I hit the pillow, drift off to sleep and then out of the window, with bears do I leap. Onto a ship on its way to the clouds shiny and bright with its crew that are proud. Off to a place, hidden behind starsContinue reading “Another trip to Neverland…”