Salford 3rd September Reduced to a second relic in the corner Even the technician suggested it was past its best Computer’s do have a shelf life – but To others – all that was needed, was a bit of Installation and dusting down Fresh drivers and a spot of cleaner – soon back to itsContinue reading “Rectify”


#wifi #fowc Salford, 13th March An acrostic on WiFi technology in response to fandangos one word challenge Wireless…. It’s like your stereo, but it’s much more Fun….particularly if you like gaming It allows you to move around with your devices World Wide Web In the palm of your hands For the time you need InstantContinue reading “WiFi”

Another day, Another Creation

#Art #Photography I’ve been pulling the images off my Nikon Camera and shoving them through the various programs on my laptop Took this pic of the local tram and put it through Painnt’s randomizer.  Like the ripple effect running through it. “Drawing” – Roses in a winebottle Pencil drawing from original photo : Roses CoveContinue reading “Another day, Another Creation”

Applying the Digital Paint,

Salford 6th February 2018 This is a photography post with a bit of a difference. I mean – what do i do with a pic after i’ve taken it ? With my new Nikon Camera (i use that term very loosely) I can already adapt a photograph thanks to the imaging tools on the camera OKContinue reading “Applying the Digital Paint,”

Gremlins in the Machine

Gremlins Salford, 23rd November 2017 Gremlin n. a cause of unexplained malfunction ever get one of those days when nothing goes right ? Thursday evening – and i’m going through the snaps i took with the D3100 the other day. Now take a look, this is how my dear computer judges what my camera thinksContinue reading “Gremlins in the Machine”