#fowc #compass

Crafted over time for those

On the seven seas to

Move across areas of charts

Positioned to cross from

Areas of land in the north to island in the

South, enabling prospectors to

Sail in the search for treasure

Colours Navy World War I World War II

Navy Blue


Navy Anchor c/o


Navy ?

A Nautical colour

Very respected as the colour of the senior service

Yachts to Dreadnoughts – are adorned in it


North to South – Compass bearings

Are used to navigate

Vessels through dangerous waters –

Yomping through ice and hiding from the enemy


Naval Company Colours

Anchored off the shoreline are

Very Dark in Colour – when not in camouflage

Yet Revered by all who wear it.


Note, however though all men on ship wear the colour

An officer, wears slightly darker

Verifying his rank on the vessel

Year upon Year


Acrostic Poetry


Created by a master craftsman to

Orientate the

Map of the known world

Passing through

Africa, The Americas, Europe, and Asia –

Seven mighty continents and

Seawater surrounding them


An Acrostic to begin


By Brian F Kirkham

Crafted with Care to

Orientate the vast

Map of the known world

Passing through

All lands nearby –

Seven continents await as do the

Seven stormy seas