Growing up Life Poetry Schooldays



He’s Smiling Again

enjoying a break from regular learning

reading the weekly funnies

suitable for all kinds of kid

and drawn by masters of their art

and learning the jokes in the middle

he’ll be entertaining his friends

out on the field

around playtime

Poetry Romance

Mislaid Valentine

Salford 15th February 2019

Charlie Brown

waited for the postman

for a response to the card he sent

to the red haired girl – across the field


he missed him

as Snoopy was dining on the card

that fell on the Brown’s hallway floor

Arts Drama Poetry




Funny thing is this fame game,

you confidently cross the wooden stage

prepared for the task in front of you

only to be hit by that beam of light

casting a huge shadow at you


Its like the light

is a giant magnet

wiping clean the act

nothing left to do but perform the other routine

along with the fourteen prat-falls as backup

Fishing Poetry

The Angler’s Lament


Salford, Tuesday 26th July 2016

The Angler’s Lament

By Brian F Kirkham

In response to the prompt

Sitting on his unfolded seat of Green

The Angler surveys the nets he’s between

With his hook he’s gone to and fro

but for his labour – not a lot his nets show


He casts out new lines – brimming with bait

(making sure his arm is straight)

and looks at luncheon as he waits

Another cup of tea he’ll pour – listening to tales on Radio 4


But what’s this , a noise ? Not far away

a familiar noise – the fish are at play

for by next door – in another basin

are those fish underwater – who’s laughter is raisin’



Spider in the bath



I heard a wail, from down below

That monstrous beast will have to go

It had six legs, or eight or ten

And decided our bathroom, was its new den


I heard my mum’s most distressed wail

Hearing the woe that was in her tale

So to the bathroom I did go

to see the creature hiding below


A spider trying to climb the bath wall

He’d get half way, but then he’d fall

And though to climb he had the knack

He only made it half way back


So I didn’t squash him I did relent

And off to front garden did he get sent

Building a home tween two fir trees

So mum she could wash whenever she pleased