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Comedy Greats

Have always raised a smile with me

Up the golden stairwell to the pearly gates – they’re

Creating a great wall of laughter

Kids of all ages are

Laughing out loud to

Each single comic – from Cooper to Milligan

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A Cat-astrophe



6th September 2016

The scene Blackpool promenade – a local fish and chip emporium

family of four – Mum,Dad and two boys eating , outside in the summer sun – what else but fish? – haddock and chips

the two lads are asked would they like an ice cream

they say yes – meanwhile in the distance a seagull is watching from a safe distance

One asks for Strawberry the other Vanilla – and the boys wait patiently for their ice creams to be delivered.

The Fish shops cat appears into the Blackpool sunshine,  purring away in the hope for some scraps of fish. She follows the waitress, from just a few paces away, as the seagull makes its move. The seagull swoops in – and is stopped by the cat – just as the waitress delivers the ice creams

Chaos ensues, as the cat and seagull rumble for goodies under poor waitresses feet. The Ice Creams land off target and an odd plate of leftovers lands on the floor

Cue the owner – avec sweeping brush and an assistant with two more ice creams – on the house – Cut to a Cat with the spoils and the Seagull with the scraps.

dropped ice cream cone
dropped ice cream cone



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Roaring with Laughter

In response to the prompt

Roaring Laughter

When was the last time something had me Rolling in the Aisles?


Friday Afternoon half past One – I’m sat watching a pair of Old Comic Masters at their Utmost best – Eric Sykes and Tommy Cooper (without his trademark Fez) in “The Plank”

The two comedians play two bungling workmen assigned to finish off a house build – and go looking for a plank of wood to finish the job after one of them uses their last piece for firewood.

Seems straightforward doesn’t it? But from the arrival at the timber yard to scrapes with other workmen, The plank seems to evade them…all until the end of the film

Of all the fine comic actors in the show…and the plank…who steals the show?  The cat that appears throughout the film – the last scene is chaotic – pure Sykes – and you’ll see why if you watch it – I wont give away the punchline!

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The Musical Place

The Lowry in Salford - Topic of the poem
The Lowry in Salford – Topic of the poem “The Musical Place”


A poem dedicated to the Millennium Landmark of the Arts – based right in my home city, by the banks of the Manchester ship canal.

There’s a place by Pier Eight,

at the end of the quay –

where people go looking for things to see.

I’m talking of Art from Present and Past,

and Shows and plays with memories that’ll last

And people they come from near and from far

drinking a coffee from the pre-show bar

as thespians make some last pre-show checks

behind the curtain, like some nervous wrecks

And paintings from famous painters they’ll see

like that one known as simply “Lowry”

and curators look on with a smile as they pass

looking at paintings from artist amassed

So, by day people look at the things on display

by night they take in a show or a play

And each night the performers prepare for the boards

behind the stage curtain – in front of the hoards.

And after the show,

for coffee they go ’bout

agreeing that they’ve had

One grand day out