Funny Bloke

A response to a #Writeclub prompt

(poetry purists – it’s a San-san)

“funny bloke”

a poem from inky, based on page 16, line 16 of

Round Ireland with a Fridge“, by Tony Hawks.

He’d been brought in to warm up the crowd

before the main act began

The audience sat there – some bemused

while other’s shouted – beer fuelled – aloud

“bring on the band” – he wasn’t a fan

six minutes passed – it didn’t go fast

till the audience amused by comic pratfalls – reused

raised cheers from the assembled crowd

indeed they were amused

Acrostic Humour Poetry



Comedy Greats

Have always raised a smile with me

Up the golden stairwell to the pearly gates – they’re

Creating a great wall of laughter

Kids of all ages are

Laughing out loud to

Each single comic – from Cooper to Milligan