Digital colouring


Salford, 27th September 2016

Since I picked up a large colouring book for my birthday – I’ve really got into the art of digital colouring books – the one I use currently, is sat on my I-Pad and aids my concentration when I feel its shifting.

(New readers: check the post broken biscuits and jigsaw puzzles for why this happens)

It’s less messier than the Acetate Art I created in Craft Sessions, whatsmore I can change the designs if I want on the tablet or computer, little bit difficult doing that with Glass paint 🙂


The above pic “Kaleidoscope” is the latest piece I’ve been working on.


I’ve been particularly interested in the butterfly section, mainly down to the small matter there’s an awful lot of lilies in these pictures.




The Third piece on display was an experiment in shading  – running purple through pink – the white space is a hole in the shading where normally i’d place a lightsource….