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  • flutter


    #fowc #flutter For a short while – the humble butterfly leaps and lands on the colourful flowers until its time to rest the tiny little eggs it leaves on the leaves of green will eventually turn into caterpillars who will return like their mum and dad to continue all over again

  • Finesse

    #fowc #finesse There was some artistry in the way the embroiderer had set the scene on the patch a celebration of outdoor activity life under canvas for over one hundred years colours distinct – to stand out from the crowd and if the needlework on the edge wasn’t noticed the bit in the middle would […]

  • One of a kind

    #fowc #unique Unusual – standing out from the crowd Never seen in a pair It sticks out from the other shiny stones as it has Quite colourful characteristics Upto now – its sat there hiding among the pebbles Except – it wasn’t to know you would be walking on by

  • Boxed

    Written for this week’s Photo Challenge from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Photo credit: Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com. They Call it “Modern Living” as they rise up to the sky colourful boxes in formation thirty or fourty miles high You would definately call it colourful You could also call it cosy You could even call it sardine-like as you give […]

  • Creature in the House

    #Animal #Acrostic #Poetry #Writeclub Salford, 15th June 2020 Chocolate munching reptile having a field day in the house he is! arriving on a mission – to empty larder cupboards – munching on oranges, strawberries and lemons even limes take his sweet tooth to 7th Heaven Lemon sorbet’s and Chocolate cake can’t escape his grasp of […]

  • Crazy Paving

    Crazy Paving

    #fowc #Crazy Colourful trail leading up the garden path rocky slabs laid at really strange angles at first, you might think – some mad zany designer had taken a hammer to your pavement, but you would be wrong – each piece has been placed on purpose as you look carefully – each bit of stone […]

  • Nebulous

    Salford 19 September 2019 #fowc #nebulous Noted – you’re in a bit of a haze over this…but every cloud has its silver lining born out of a culinary experiment that went amiss up to the adding of the popping candy, everything looked fine – till the batter mix leaped out of the pan and landed […]

  • The Arrival Of The Snowmen

    Salford Quays,  22nd November 2018 Christmas is coming…… We might be in November, but we’ve had a bit of festive decoration arrive on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal today A number of brightly decorated snowmen, have found themselves stood around and about in locations at Salford Quays.   From The Lowry to Mediacity […]

  • Colourful Swarm

    Colourful Swarm

    #beeinthecity brought out of the hive everyone is smiling at them… each one bringing colour to the street if you walk  through the city, you’ll see numbers of them by the terraced areas of the city, their hive now used by the residents to soak up the sun each bee happy of the attention they […]