Salford 19 September 2019 #fowc #nebulous Noted – you’re in a bit of a haze over this…but every cloud has its silver lining born out of a culinary experiment that went amiss up to the adding of the popping candy, everything looked fine – till the batter mix leaped out of the pan and landedContinue reading “Nebulous”

The Arrival Of The Snowmen

Salford Quays,  22nd November 2018 Christmas is coming…… We might be in November, but we’ve had a bit of festive decoration arrive on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal today A number of brightly decorated snowmen, have found themselves stood around and about in locations at Salford Quays.   From The Lowry to MediacityContinue reading “The Arrival Of The Snowmen”

Colourful Swarm

#beeinthecity brought out of the hive everyone is smiling at them… each one bringing colour to the street if you walk  through the city, you’ll see numbers of them by the terraced areas of the city, their hive now used by the residents to soak up the sun each bee happy of the attention theyContinue reading “Colourful Swarm”

Vivid Violet

#Coloryourworld #cyw #vividviolet #violet Very striking – you stand out in a crowd In fact, your flower heads  offset the other colours in the border, from the Orange of the marigolds surrounding your stem or the Lemon yellows of the pansies nearby Everyone in the garden, enjoys your colourful view, as They pass you walkingContinue reading “Vivid Violet”