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  • Caterpillar


    #insects Chomping away at a fresh green leaf till its time for bed time expect to see him hanging on the red-brown branch till its time to prise himself out of his sleeping bag if you watch – you’ll notice something different about him lovely coloured wings with lots of patterns on them as he […]

  • The overwhelming desire to straighten everything

    #napowrimo #writeclub 6th April 2022 As always, with these prompts – a quick thank you to the provider Mel @ Writeclub you are a star! It’s not a compulsion, condition or whim but i’d be worried for the items on the desk of Miss Prim I’m all for everything being in proper place but this […]

  • Fallible


    #fowc #fallible Even the finest craftsman can have an off day as his customer looked somewhat bemused at the shards of coloured glass lying on the museum floor scattered shards of red, blue and green had fallen to the ground to repair the glass scenery would cost more than a pound but examining the fixative […]

  • Through a window (stained)

    Through a window (stained)

    #Stained #Glass #Window #Poetry #art #crafts Produced from pieces of coloured glass individually picked out and placed in a frame capturing a scene of a famous building together, as the sun shines through each piece up on the walls a coloured scene appears reactions – by the people amazing enjoying the site on the steel […]

  • Furry

    Salford 1st July 2020 #writeclub #monsters #poetry #kidspoetry as part of my write club challenges, i wrote a piece about a “Monster” with claws and teeth and horns – more like a caterpillar with 100 Feet! (Anyone with kids remember a Lotsa-Lotsa-Leggs ? 🙂 ) I know , you know its not halloween but i’ve […]

  • Creating a buzz

    Creating a buzz

    4th September 2018 #Beeinthecity #Manchester #Buzz A poem in honour of those colourful bees currently nesting in my city The hive will be in Gtr Manchester till 23rd September – it’s well worth a visit. (for those who haven’t read my #beeinthecity posts – they’re artworks!) The hive arrived Home for some bees With artistic […]

  • Discovery

    Discover I watched in awe as the lights twinkled in the glow of a winters moon   Cold air and Crisp Snow gently drift on northern greens painting the lawns white   Trees collecting snow up high in their green branches the evergreens trick   Church bells ring out – as Rainbow coloured lights shine out “A Joyful Christmas” […]