Acrostic Colours


#Acrostic #Colors

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on

A Host of colours

held in a moment

Ravishing Reds and

Outrageous Oranges meet up with

Yellows and

Greens, like they came fresh from the garden

Blues captured like the Morning sky and

Indigos and

Violets like the Night Sky

Animals Birds Colours


#CYW #Coloryourworld #Canaryyellow #Canary #Yellow

A piece for tourmalines Color your world challenge

Could it be said, this bird is

as bright as the morning sun ?

noted for its bright yellow plumage

and as chirpy in the afternoon as he is in the morning

rise and shine folks, the morning is here! the little

yellow bird sings out.

Food Fruit Poetry

Atomic Tangerine

#CYW #Atomictangerine

Atomic Tangerine Rose created by inky in Photoshop elements

As they shook up the bottle of fizzy fruit juice

A fantastic reaction began

Bubbles rose up to the top of the bottle

Bursting to escape

Crazy idea – of the kids – was releasing the bottles

Cap – with the addition of air – reaction was complete

Destination for the neon orange liquid – No one knew – they all

Dived for cover – as fizzy orange rain fell

Expectation – the vegetable patch

End result – over Grandpa’s prize white roses

Art Colours Poetry


#CFFC #Pastel #Colors


Pretty as a picture

Able to bring any flowery

Scene to life

Together on the paper – they are

Easily blendable

Locking in the colours on the paper pad

Colours Poetry writing

Color your world – Month 4

Small Jelly Beans
Small fruit jelly beans in many colors.

The Final Hurdle – and I’m pleased to report – I passed it!

Here’s a list of the colour poems for month 4 of the Colouryourworld Challenge.

Hope you enjoy reading the poems as much as I did writing them


and for those looking for the other months 🙂

Color your world – Month 3

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Color Your World – Month 1

Astronomy Colours Poetry Time

Deep Space (Darkness)

#coloryourworld #cyw #black #space

During the night

as the earth turns

the sky turns black

distant stars

appear as mere pin-pricks

in a velvet sky


whilst the other half is at work and play

the half cast in midnight

sleeps soundly away



Acrostic Cooking Fishing Food



#Coloryourworld #cyw #salmon

Served up from the Scottish waters

A fish that goes well in any pastry, pate or salad

Line caught or farmed, – they say the best

Meaty fish is that caught wild

Of course, its best served up

Notably, fresh – and served up pink, cooked with butter, herbs and lemon

Animals Colours

Piggy Pink

#Piggypink #Coloryourworld #cyw #pig #bacon #bank


Piggy is much more than humble bacon

It’s common to many – you’re not mistaken

Generous to a fault is dear old pig

Got to be said – his heart is big

Yet to avoid the fate of the butchers hook

he will be found – tending your bank book

Art Arts Colours Poetry

Violet Red

#coloryourworld #cyw #reds #violetred

Salford 10th April 2017


The tussle between the shades of red

began as they fought it out on the painters palette

ballet of an artistic nature

started at opposite ends of the rainbow

The bluer shade he stood his ground

as artists painted the flowers he’d found

but as pigment scarlet to pallet was fed

the cold shade turned a more warmer red

as red-violet flowers changed colours in bed

to a host of new flowers of violet red

Colours Photography Poetry writing

Coloryourworld – Month 3

Salford 31st March 2017

Well here we are again folks , with another list of stuff created for the #coloryourworld challenge

If you’ve been following my journey through this challenge – you’ll have read lots of my humble little scribbles from Aquamarine through to Purple – and all the #blues shades inbetween

here’s the list – feel free to take a ponder…and comment if you wish.

Week 1 – Aquamarine to Cerulean

Turquoise Blue

Blue skies (sky blue)

Outer Space

Blue green



Week 2 – Cornflower to Cadet Blue


Midnight Blue

Navy Blue




Cadet Blue

Week 3 – Indigo to Royal Purple


Wild blue yonder



Blue Violet

Purple Heart ❤️

Colour of the crown

Week 3 – Purple (with a smatter of pink)

Purple Mountains



Vivid Violet


Shocking pink

Pink Flamingo

Week 4 – the last 3 days of March (april to follow..soon)


Hot magenta

Purple pizazz


Update – Added Bonus – Links to the other Three Months

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P.S The photograph – is another of my works, taken during Salford Quays Lightwaves Festival.