What lies beneath

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what lies beneath….


In the Garden

Guarded by Gnomes

under the depths of your lawn

flower bulbs lie sleeping

awaiting the first rays of spring


A little bit deeper

you’ll come across sand, soil and clay

and perhaps some tesserae

from a roman dwelling or villa

Coins from a market , eating irons or

an Arrow head or two


Beyond the Roman ?

the dinosaurs sleep

dreaming of playing on the forest plains

and enjoying the freshest produce for lunch

Fish and chips the size of a mountain

when you consider the size of the fish….

Fruit Poetry Sweets

All Spent up

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I don’t know what you’d call it

Inflation , perhaps ?

If you took your single gold coin

Inside the confectioner’s

It would give you half the bag of boiled sweets

Instead of what you got last year

In fact you wouldn’t get any change

It would leave you with empty pockets.



Written in response to Sadje’s Sunday poser, Link Here

It begins simply enough.

Your grandparents, or great-uncles or aunties

passing you an album for your sixth or seventh birthday

slowly filling the book as each item is picked up

places you’ve never been to

finding their way to their allotted spot

the craft develops over time

as those hinges you paid little attention to at the start

are carefully applied to the back of each mini – masterpiece

and the book becomes a travelogue

of your family journeys around the world



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Council employees

often get additional bonuses on top of

usual salaries

not that you would notice

collecting the coins dropped down the street

in the futile attempt to get the

last vehicle home after a night out on the town

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Growing up Life


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Money of different sorts

They say my humble home city

is paved with gold…..

concrete and tarmac inspectors

have been spotted

rescuing poor abandoned coppers

and giving them a home in their wallet or purse

if they find enough of them

they’ll find their way from a wallet

to a much bigger piggy bank

where the men and women in charge

make it their duty to count every penny

and put it in your account

interested ? You could be.

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Close encounters of the slurred kind


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The fluted cocktail glass

took a fateful tumble on the bar floor

after third refill of that cocktail

everyone told her not to have

The luminosity of the puddle

led to some strange things “Blowing her mind”

her mates watched on

as she performed the fandango with a streetlight called Bill

Her pals got her home eventually

navigating her stillettos

over craftily curved cobbles

and limestone slabs

Sobering up, made her ponder

how her silver coins had changed

into salty cashew nuts

propped up by the garden gate

singing along to the cats chorus

Poetry Politics

Hidden message

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The green dollar bill
Contains a lesson for all
Who uses or spends

Hidden away silent
On its folds and its edges
Short words of caution

Lessons of learning
Delivered by the banks
In a hidden form

Prized by the many
Hoarded by the blessed few
Message for all here

The root of all evil ?
Every single greenback
Tells its own story

Childhood Easter Holidays

Bank Holiday

Salford, 5th April 2021

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(with a nod to mr Roger Mcgough)

“Bank Holiday” – “Holiday in a Bank” – Image: Cartoonbank Edit by inky

While the kiddies are enjoying

What the easter bunny has left them

Someone else is enjoying some fun

behind the closed doors

The staff having fun

Building castles with pound coins and

swimming in shiny seas of five and ten pences

while their bosses enjoy a picnic

perched on plastic tenners nearby

and the manager enjoys an ice cream

in the glow of the pound coins



Salford, 17th March 2021

They said a leprechaun was seen

on St.Patrick’s day

He’d crossed the Irish sea by boat

and travelled the East lancashire Way

he spent his gold coins generously

in all the pubs and bars

and took in all the scenic spots

travelling by taxi car

the wide eyed among you

would have smiled as he went down road

as he left a trail of pennies

on his way to his night time abode

Acrostic Poetry


Saturday 26th September 2020

Four pin code on the piggy bank

Really getting upset at the rise of a bar of chocolate

Unless there’s a discount – its not getting bought

Grabbing ? no, just careful

As the pennies from your last purchase gets back into your savings box

Locked away till you have enough for another bag of sweets