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  • Cobbles


    The old streets growing up weren’t that much fun as the last of the horse and carts made their way through town You knew when the Rag and Bone Man were coming though his voice boomed through the street there was a noise that was much louder A Hard Noise Of Hardened Iron meeting slabs […]

  • Penny Farthing

    #poetry #victorian #transport #wheels Look at Me! on a Victorian street, a marvellous thing that’s hard to beat I rest by a wall where I stand up tall I can be seen by the noble the Blacksmith , and all My rider sits down on th’seat – wood and brass Awaiting a whistle Allowing him […]

  • The terrace at No3

    #Octpowrimo #Cobbledstreets #England #Northern #Salford #Lancashire A piece of poetry by inky, based on the terraced house on Lark Hill Place. A restored Victorian Street in Salford’s Museum and art gallery. Old building by cobbles, Oak table , and chairs Copper kettle boiling on the stove near to the stairs Fruit from the Grocers, cutup […]

  • Penny Farthing

    A Marvel of Invention – the people look on proud. A noble gent is making his way through the crowd. He’s sat on a seat – made of wood and of brass awaiting peelers whistle – which lets him go past Seeing his neighbours going on by and passing pigeons off tiled roofs they fly. […]

  • The terrace at No 3

    A descriptive piece on a building in Lark Hill Place, at Salford’s Museum and Art Gallery. Old building by Cobbles with Oak table and chairs, Copper Kettle boils on stove near to the stairs. Fruit from the grocers, is cut up and cored ready for the pie crust in the oven its stored. Washboard and […]