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  • Castle in the Air

    Castle in the Air

    #WDYS He’d climbed that hill for many days till he decided to stop at a misty spot ahead a crafted house with spires and towers and follies the occupants? off and away on their jollies had he found heaven? hard to say but for a while he’ll rest here have a picnic and play

  • Atop the hill

    Atop the hill

    #FFFC The hill climb through wind and snow was treacherous One false move and the tribe would tumble headlong down the mountain Their destination just over the other side of the snowy tops but for a brief moment sweet relief as the chieftain picked out his purse and the Hut Door Opened “Fifty Five Hot […]

  • Up High

    Up High

    #Socs #High Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland Ascending the hexagonal steps didn’t seem that much of a bother till you noticed with each little step the distance tween the step you were on and the step you left got that little bit higher Giant’s causeway it may be but its an awful way down to get […]

  • Lazy Squirrel

    #Promptuarium I’d never considered this particular rodent at all lazy That’s till i saw two particular greys managing their stores for while the hard worker climbed the trees for hazelnuts the lazy one simply took one from the bottom of his pals pile Could you call him lazy? or extremely clever grabbing the spoils for […]

  • Vista


    #writephoto #vista View from the top of this very big hill is breathtaking (literally) some say its a bit barmy climbing up all that way to take a picture or admire the view – but at the end of the day – its worth it (even better with a picnic)

  • Surmount

    #fowc #surmount #hill #challenge #health It’s a hill i didn’t want to climb notably rocky in some places but with a little encouragement and some would say sheer bloodymindedness I found myself in an ascent ignoring the drop below and heading for the summit

  • Courage

    Could you over come your fears ? On the day I took this photo – on an island in Greece , i Undertook a feat, i’d never accomplish Rallying up a number of steep steps to Achieve a goal – it made me feel Great knowing i’d reached the summit and Enjoyed a cool drink […]

  • Grasp

    Grasp Salford (via Cumbria), 14th March 2018   going uphill on the rocky sharp surfaces of a cliff arms stretched out, reaching for the nearest safe hand hold, clinging on as you ascend to the pinnacle….enjoy the view when you get there