Christmas Poetry


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Christmas week and the sounds of

Heavenly angels are filling the air

Out of the clouds you can hear them

In the fields and villages they sing

“Rejoice! a saviour has been born”

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Cathedral walls filled with voices as

Harmonic music was played throughout

Orators of great note – joined in

Resounding hymns and psalms

Until the time came – and

Silence and Reverence came with eucharistic rites


Friday Musical Fun

Imperial War Museum North, Manchester, 4th November

Preparations for the Christmas volunteer celebration across the Museums involved in the

Volunteer for Wellbeing programme continue a pace.


As well as picking up the tunes from previous sessions, we’ve started on the Christmas number, “Winter Wonderland”

We’ve already started on the Christmas number “Mary did you know” – and its sounding really good!  Its just of a question of how much we polish the performance.

Today saw a whole day of practice as we work towards the Christmas Volunteer Event at the end of the year.  It’s improved my confidence – though my two left feet won’t stretch to dancing!

So it’s Practice in the Day….and Inspiration at Night – Michael Buble’s playing on the IPad as I type away 🙂


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A Choral thing – Part II

Friday 17th June 2016

Imperial War Museum North (Red Room)

Another meeting of the Choir today, after our round robin performances at IWM North, Manchester Art Gallery and Manchester Museum.

There must have been something in the air today, in that we were a little reduced in number – but the enthusiasm of the group wasn’t tempered.

We concentrated on two numbers today, All above my head and All around – concentrating on a few changes to the way we sung it at previous performances.

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Musical Moments

11th June 2016


Manchester Museum, Oxford Rd. Manchester

The third of the performances on the volunteer choir took place yesterday in the surroundings of Manchester Museum on Oxford Road.

We performed on the Gallery steps at the main entrance to the museum, singing the three songs we’ve practiced and performed in the run up at IWM North and Manchester Art Gallery – Stevie Wonder’s Signed Sealed Delivered, Mary Mary’s Shackles, and Isreal Houghton’s All Around.

The performances were all part of the Volunteer Week Celebrations, which celebrated volunteering throughout the UK.

and as I posted from the toolshed upon my return

Back from Manchester Museum – and another storming performance by the volunteer choir!


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A choral thing


a literary response to the Manchester Voices Volunteer Choir

Let the people sing aloud,

for those in the audience are justly proud…

of those gathered together in a mere few weeks –

the music director needed some tweaks…

as they sorted the tenors from the bass baritone

with a couple of sopranos sometimes singing alone.

but joining as one, they’ve sung their songs

(and sometimes , their audience have been singing along)

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Musical Fridays


Friday 13th May 2016

Imperial War Museum North, Manchester

Another Day of practice for the volunteer choir.

For those who haven’t been reading – I’ve joined a choir made up of volunteers from Manchester Museum, The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester (MOSI) and Imperial War Museum North

We have Alto’s, We have Tenor’s and we even have the odd soprano in the Mix.

We’ve learned a few numbers – and (Hopefully) we will be performing together at a celebration for volunteers week later this year.

I’ve got over the barrier of singing – now if only I could master my two left feet…

They’ve got us Dancing!!!!

(Update this coming Friday!!!!)