spicy chicken

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Photo by Alena Shekhovtcova on

turning on a spit

onion cardamom ginger and chilli

provide the spice and heat

in the tomato sauce

covering the flame cooked chicken

Acrostic Food Poetry

Hidden chillis

Hiding in plain sight on your pizza

Innocent looking vegetable, scattered among the pepperoni

Divided by red onion and tomatoes, that ain’t no sweet pepper!

Devilish kick, and a rise in heat

Encapsulating the tongue

No wonder you’re sweating.

Food Poetry



Sourced from around the world

picked from the best places of the east

infusing meat and vegetables with

colours smells and flavours that bring an extra special something,creating a dish to bring your tastebuds some attention

yelling out the message – “This dish is tasty!”

Acrostic Food



Zesty yellow lemons 🍋

infuse a certain something, when

navigating the crispy coating of a cod or plaice

got to admit .. its fresh in flavour,

yes .. I will have some more!

zingy red chilli 🌶

is just the thing, when bringing out the flavour of 🍖

Note though, add too much and you can ruin a dish.

great Scott!  It brings the heat to a 🍛

yet without it, they always seem tame

BASIC Food Photography

Photography @ BASIC – Ed4

A Morning of Still Life, 2nd March 2016

All shots taken by Brian F Kirkham at the Photography Class, Brain & Spinal Injury Centre in Salford (UK)

Camera used in Session : Sony DSC – H300 with Tripod

In this session we’ve been using the tripod and lights to create some close up still life photography.

The Backdrop framed our target – a selection of food stuffs and straw to create a still life with a culinary feel.

With the combination of some really bright lights and some clever use of the tripod we came up with some wonderful shots of the food stuffs we set up on display in the light box.