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  • spicy chicken

    spicy chicken

    #food #indian #spicy #chicken turning on a spit onion cardamom ginger and chilli provide the spice and heat in the tomato sauce covering the flame cooked chicken

  • Hidden chillis

    Hiding in plain sight on your pizza Innocent looking vegetable, scattered among the pepperoni Divided by red onion and tomatoes, that ain’t no sweet pepper! Devilish kick, and a rise in heat Encapsulating the tongue No wonder you’re sweating.

  • Spicy

    Spicy Sourced from around the world picked from the best places of the east infusing meat and vegetables with colours smells and flavours that bring an extra special something,creating a dish to bring your tastebuds some attention yelling out the message – “This dish is tasty!”

  • Zingy!

    Zing! Zesty yellow lemons 🍋 infuse a certain something, when navigating the crispy coating of a cod or plaice got to admit .. its fresh in flavour, yes .. I will have some more! zingy red chilli 🌶 is just the thing, when bringing out the flavour of 🍖 Note though, add too much and […]

  • Photography @ BASIC – Ed4

    Photography @ BASIC – Ed4

    A Morning of Still Life, 2nd March 2016 All shots taken by Brian F Kirkham at the Photography Class, Brain & Spinal Injury Centre in Salford (UK) Camera used in Session : Sony DSC – H300 with Tripod In this session we’ve been using the tripod and lights to create some close up still life photography. […]