The Bracelets Lament

I don’t like rain It’s wet and it’s cold Shining reflective on my marbles and gold Here I lie, on the sand with water beneath The helpless victim of a seaside thief He grabbed me from my owner whilst she was playing in the sea and flew off to his hideout for a moment orContinue reading “The Bracelets Lament”


A tale of an Orange Tortoiseshell that lives in the street near my home in Salford – Artistic Licence has been used! Marmalade, our Marmalade he is a funny Orange cat he scampers all around the house and plays with this and that He loves his fish on Monday on Tuesday – he eats cheesesContinue reading “Marmalade”

Night and Day

in response to the prompt : Because the Night Productivity Now there’s a word to conjure with. I could say I get my best Ideas during the first hours of the morning.  There’s plenty to think about, ranging from the thoughts of why my folks insist on leaving their digital radio alarm clock to goContinue reading “Night and Day”


A Gold winning poem on a snowman – enjoy Out in the Garden the white stuff does blow winter’s construction kit (i’m talking of snow) And out in the garden, the kids have a plan to create something brilliant in the form of a snowman The snow piles high as he begins to take shapeContinue reading “Snowman”