Adventures in LEGO world

Location : Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Salford UK 16th November 2016 I’ve had fun this morning at BASIC’s photography session. It was a still life session with a difference – using a Racing Bike and some little toy characters Framed with a backdrop provided by our leader and tutor Maggie. Here’s the bike weContinue reading “Adventures in LEGO world”


The Mirror Crack’d They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but a world without mirrors ? It would be like heaven and hell had fallen on earth as illusions of divinity – shattered   pictures captured by brush not box and barbers taking time over women’s (and men’s locks) “You really lookContinue reading “Honesty”

Musical Fixings

A piece for the prompt Transmogrify Left over bits from the scrapyard, Bits from a box full of fixings. Nuts and bolts mingle with springs and old allen keys, brought together on a square by the craftsman – bringing a magical musical fellow to life. No need to go nuts for your previous existence playContinue reading “Musical Fixings”

Moon (Acrostic)

Salford, 26th October 2016 In response to the prompt Moon Midnight brings this wonder into view Over time it goes from full circle to crescent On the earth it shines, like a needle piercing through Night’s blanket Man under the light of the moon Over ground casts a large shadow, but On the rising ofContinue reading “Moon (Acrostic)”


An acrostic poem written to a Photo Challenge on (played around a little with the photo in photoshop!) Sitting in a dusty hallway The old grand master sits alone Expecting someone to play him In his time – he was a legend Nobody could beat him for a tune When his black and white keysContinue reading “Piano”


#Napowrimo #Blogging101 #Day20 #cat Always Moving Wool – Tangling Fish – Eating Paw – licking Mouse – Chasing Bird – Hunting Puddycat   Garden Stratching Flower Eating Lawn Digging Fence Climbing Night Wailing Puddycat   Milk – Licking Playful – Pawing Toy – Chasing Rug – Tugging Corner – Kipping Puddycat  

The Road Cone’s Lament

You know, it’s windy today!  It feels so cold! Autumn’s leaves surround me in Red, Bronze and Gold, and I stand here today, lofted high in the air… on a city fathers’ head – Does anybody care? I look out for the public, round the holes I can see but those public around, are lookingContinue reading “The Road Cone’s Lament”