Abstract Poetry Sport

Heads or tails

#Socs #toss

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a piece on a coin toss for #Socs by inky

50:50 – I think that’s what they call it

chances of you picking the right side of the coin

It seems so plausible – there’s only two choices

but like a smaller version of a roulette wheel

the fates are rising and falling

with each turn of the coin in the air

and decisions fall in the victors favour

whether the head sees the skies or ground under foot

Colours Growing up Poetry

Purple Heart ❤️

#coloryourworld #cyw #purple #heart

I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ what made me fall for you

but you’ve made me all of a mess

when I saw you standing at the bar

in that purple dress 👗


was it attraction, or merely chance ?

or was I bewitched when you asked for a dance 💃

crazy to think that I would fall

head over heels for the belle of the ball


opposites, they say, attract

its magnetism, they say, a fact

so why all this time ? Have we been apart ?

falling, as I have for your Purple Heart ❤️


hearts 💕 they meet at the centre of the floor

and the girl in the purple dress wants more

so after we dance and head for our seats

we will go out to the fish shop and enjoy a treat

Romance Romantic Schooldays

Chance Meeting

In response to the prompt

That girl with the jet black hair

caught me quite unawares

as I passed her on school hall stairs

communicating , as if in a dream

that her and I could make a team

and though I thought I had no chance

she still had hopes of a romance

And though they thought i’d run a mile

I was captured by that smile

And what caught me, most unawares?

The Fleeting glance from the top of the stairs

And what message, was that ? I began to think

as she looked back at me – she gave me a wink…