The chair

(with a nod to Sir Spike Milligan)

They took a chainsaw

to an elderly resident of the forest

where it ended up on a journey

to a woodcutters yard

The tree in its prime

rose high into the air

a resting place for aviators

on their way to other shores

but now its been chopped

shaped and reformed

it’s children – look different to the tree


and they’re asked by the

craftsman’s son or daughter

“Why’d you chop down that big tree

To make me look shorter ?”

Colours Poetry

Burnt Sienna

Salford, 15th September

#CYW #BurntSienna

I recall a leather chair

the smell of it as I sat in it in the morning

it’s sound as I got my back into its folds

it squeaked – like a mouse looking for food

Looking out beyond the glass

in a warm seat

looking out for snowmen

beyond the garden fence

Sitting there quietly

watching the snowflakes

fall to the ground

whilst warming my hands on a hot mug

Photography Poetry


#CFFC #Wood

DSC00568 (1).JPG

A poem by Milligan, I might have used artistic licence

A very high tree, ten foot tall

was chopped down to make some chairs

and I bought one

Now me, five foot seven

is 4 foot three when I sit down in it

did they really cut down a ten foot tree to make me look shorter ?

Outdoors Parks Poetry



in response to Stump

From an idea of Spike Milligan…hope he’s laughing up there

They chopped down a giant tree
And left its heart in the ground
The tree it didn’t complain
But for the thump there was no sound

They used its wood to make a chair
For an elevated man declared
Who was indeed a man of state
He thought the idea was great

So leaving behind the trees own stump
On a grand chair he rests his rump
But there is a problem with this seat he bought
It makes him look tremendously short

So question posed by poet is this
The kudos of grandeur? There’s something amiss
Why chop a king of the forest so tall
If it makes the great man look so small ?